Bicycle Bags Large Capacity Waterproof Cycling Bag Mountain Bike Saddle Rack Trunk Bags Luggage Carrier Bike Bag

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Bicycle Bags Large Capacity Waterproof Cycling Camel Bag Mountain Bike Saddle Trunk Bags Luggage Carrier Bike Bag


Product Information
Item: Bike Rear Rack Bag
Size: about 30*23*17cm
Volume: 10-20L (Scalable)
Color: Black / Gray / Khaki
Material: Quality Canvas
Package Include: Bag, Rain Cover, Shoulder Strap
NOTE: Rain Cover is in the bottom pocket
Friendly Tip:
Please DO NOT put HEAVY things in the side bag. Due to riding speed and falling gravity, which will cause excessive pulling force on the sewing thread of the side bag, thus damaging the product.
If you carry heavy things while riding, it is recommended to put them in the middle bag.
Thank you for understanding!



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With carrying handle and adjustable shoulder strap, can be used as handbag or shoulder bag.10-25L storage capacity provides large space for your items.

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The elastic band can help to keep your clothes or maps securely on the bag. High quality material construction with solid structure and PE cotton filler, provides your items with full protection.

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Hidden rain cover at bag bottom to protect your bag from getting wet on rainy days.

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